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Harley Quinn Cosplay


I decided that I was going to be a pirate for Halloween. I spent hours starting up a Hunter mask for the Destiny cosplay I had intended to do this fall, but I got super busy and never made it…
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Skyrim Cosplay Completion


Gah! So I have been INCREDIBLY busy the past month and have made very little time for blogging. I’ve been tied up with homework and have been plugging away at my Skyrim cosplay (and the huge mess it made in…
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Ten Amazing Pumpkin Decorating Ideas


So maybe you’re not in to the whole, blood and gore, scare the living crap out of you Halloween decorations. That’s okay. Because believe it or not, Halloween has got a definite cute factor. Dressing up mason jars as your…
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Ten Super Freaky DIY Halloween Decorations


I love Halloween.  Well, of course I do, who doesn’t like a day that’s strictly dedicated to playing dress up and and stuffing your face with as many sweet tasting sugar loaded treats you can get your hands on? But I…
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Thanksgiving Things: I’m Thankful for Dessert

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My absolute favourite thing about Thanksgiving is the food. Obviously. Also because of the whole long weekend thing, but mostly because of the food. I’m a huge self-proclaimed foodie and of course you all know that I just love love…
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Skyrim Cosplay Progression: Completion of Boots and Helmet


GAH!!!! So after almost four weeks of slaving over a table covered in hot glue, paper mâché and spray paint, I have finally completed my helmet and boots for my Skyrim Nord Cosplay! In all honesty, if I wasn’t dedicating…
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Happy September: Cosplay and the Perfect Buttercream Frosting


Eeeesh. So I apparently abandoned my blog for the summer. It’s not that I haven’t wanted to write… honest. And to make up for it I will share a wonderful recipe for the perfect chocolate buttercream that I found recently on Averie…
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Triple Chocolate Banana Muffins

photo 1

I have been having some SERIOUS banana issues. I love bananas. Alot. We usually have to buy two bushels of bananas every week and we still tend to run out a day or two before it’s time to do groceries….
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Living the Plantlife

photo 4

So I want a garden. I want to grow squash, peppers, strawberries and zucchini. I want to grow corn and potatoes, regular and sweet, and I want to grow tomatoes and jalapenos and even herbs.  I want to grow everything….
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Saturday Night Pizza Night: Featuring Homemade Breadsticks

photo 3

Not only did I make some melt in your mouth, buttery garlic-y softy and chewy bread sticks over this part weekend, but like the title of this posts suggests, I also made pizza. Really tasty pizza. Two kinds of pizza…
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