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Harley Quinn Cosplay


I decided that I was going to be a pirate for Halloween. I spent hours starting up a Hunter mask for the Destiny cosplay I had intended to do this fall, but I got super busy and never made it…
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Zombies, Run! Mission Complete and CIBC Run for the Cure


So I never did finish posting about the Zombies Run 5km training app.  I took a running hiatus for a bit but finally finished it! I capped my running trials off with a final 5 km run for the CIBC…
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Zombies, Run! Week Three


Eating has always been a bit of a struggle for me. I have a love hate relationship with food. I love food. I love the taste, I love bad for you foods and I love good for you foods. I…
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Zombies, Run! Week One

2015-04-17 13.08.11

WEEK ONE DONE! I think the hardest part about running this week wasn’t the actual task, or even the motivation to go out and do it, but it was afterwards. Starting this running routine completely wiped me out.  I had…
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Traveling Kelsey: Harry Potter Universal Orlando and NASCAR


So I took a serious hiatus from writing and blogging. Mostly because, well mostly because I just didn’t feel like it. I have been one lazy girl the past few months, and with working full time and trying to finish…
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